Delight and Invigorate your senses with Yoni Tantra Puja


Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga (ParaTan sound healing) Sadhana is expressed in worshiping the human body as the Sri Chakra. The lines that form the triangles are the nadis in the body, which is responsible to energies the body, and lack of can promote illness.

Mantra chanted by one individual into the body of another can energize the body, thus help to remove emotional memories which can manifest in the body as illnesses, a Tumor, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorder



Those who worship the Divine Goddess, who is God in Mother form, as the supreme power, which creates, sustain and withdraws the Universe, is known as a Saktha. A true Saktha see all women as the form of the Divine Mother, and worships her as the same.



Saktha does not worship the temple (human body), but worships the God/Goddess within. The awareness of the body receiving the worship is important. The best form of worshiping the Sri Chakra is to worship the living form, within both Women and Men.



The Goddesses and Gods can be invoked in the Sri Chakra and worshiped as a form of external home. We use this very method to heal Women and Men of all their past pains and trauma.



Saktha couple will always begin their daily Sadhana by worshiping each other’s temple, before learning to internalize their worship of the Goddess. Without attending the first grade, one cannot progress to the University of Life, unless one has done all of it in their previous life, as such they are eligible for the internalization approach.



Discover the secret of Yoni Puja and the hidden secrets of the Sri Chakra. During Yoni Puja one receives the sounds of the Divine Mother in 10 different sports, six points of the male and female triangles, two points within, one above and the other, below. Those who are ready to receive Yoni Puja, is destined to be enlighten in this lifetime.



The yantra is a metaphor for the descent of spirit into matter, the manifestation of the universe out of the primordial darkness. At the very center of the yantra is the bindu. Around it are interlaced nine triangles. Five of this triangles represents Sakti, pointing downwards, and four representing Siva, point upwards. The triangles themselves called yoni and thus the yantra has the name navayoni chakra.



When the supreme Sakthi, of our will assumes every form in the universe, in that one quivering instant the Cakra comes to being (Yogini-hrdaya 1.9.10)



Each point of the triangle vibrates with its own sound and the combination of the three sounds is the primal sound of the universe. The triangles symbolize the female principle, the Sakthi, while the fiercely compacted energies of the vibrating point, the parabindu, represents the male principle.



Within its depths the interlocking triangles shine, inviting the adept to climb their lattice work and ascend from the realms of matter into that of spirit. The yantra is grounded in the real world, within each being.



In the Sri Yantra, which is the universe, Shiva and Sakthi, cannot be separated, so must it be that woman, and man cannot be separated. Although we may speak of a triangle being Sakthi, or a point being Shiva, and of static and active energies, in fact these energies are aspects of one another. The icon of Kali dancing on the corpse of Shiva, as seen at our Mahavidya Temple, is not the dance of Mother Kali alone, Shiva is dancing within her limbs, and when Shiva dances the tandava that destroys the world. Kali is dancing within his limbs. Shiva is eternally in Sakthi and Sakthi in Shiva, and this is the same with man and woman, just that we have decided to walk the path of self-obliteration.



The Sri Yantra is microcosm as well as macrocosm. Of the nine elements that form the human body, five are produced by the five, Sakthi triangles and four Shiva triangles. They are produced by the intimate interaction of the male and female energies, for the whole triangle represents the divine pair in union, indeed, in that same passionate, blissful union on the mountain-top in the dawn of the world.



Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga practitioner can emulate and use the body created by Shiva-Sakthi as the Sri Yantra or Navayoni chakra, and when used a healing tool, it works wonders.


For a small investment you can experience the magical energetic movement in your body.