TANTRIC SADHANA – Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana

The Tantra is only a system of Sakthi-Sadhana. There are rules in it whereby we may draw Sakthi from all created things. There is nothing to be accepted or rejected in it. Whatever is helpful for Sadhana is acceptable. This Sadhana is decided according to the fitness of the particular person (Adhikari-anusare). You must follow that for which you are fit or worthy. Sakthi pervades all and embraces all beings and all things, the inanimate and the moving, beasts and birds, men and women. The unfolding of the Power (Sakthi) enclosed within the body of the animal (Jiva) as well as the human, is brought about only with the help of the tendencies within the body. The mode of Sadhana is ascertained with regard to these tendencies.


Vedic Astrology helps us to ascertain the tendencies of a person which the first step we take when a student join our program.


The very meaning of Sadhana is unfolding, rousing up or awakening of Power (Sakthi). Thus the Saktha obtains power from all actions in the world. The Sadhana. of the Tantra is not to be measured by the little measuring-yard of the well-being or ill-being of your community or mine.


“The Tantra has no notion of some separate far-seeing God. It preaches no such doctrine in it as that God the Creator rules the Universe from heaven. In the eye of the Tantra the body of the Sadhaka is the Universe.


The unfolding of this self-power is to be brought about by self-realization (Atma-darshana) which is to be achieved through Sadhana. Whoever realizes one self attains to Liberation (Mukti).


Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana’s main focus is in awakening of Power (Sakthi) within your subtle body.


Shri Param Eswaran who the founder of the Tantric Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu is blessed with the Divine Teaching that will help to awaken the Power within you



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