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Healing the Sacred Yoni

Worship the Sacred Yoni

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Welcome to the Way of the Tantra Goddess

When you put a step forward towards the Goddess, She comes towards us ten steps. It is the grace of the Goddess to create the affection found in mother towards her children. Those who know the mind of a mother know the grace of the Goddess.

Let it be known to all women that human birth is the highest birth, which has taken us 1000s of years to achieve. Being born as women is the Highest, and most powerful, as women are born in the same image as the Mother of Creation.

True women have the power to change the face of the Earth. The passion to know one’s truly divine nature is the first ingredient necessary to overcome the first obstacle of an engrained and actively reinforced false understanding of women hood.

Women have the capacity to create beautiful, nurturing environments which nurture all those around them. Thus they not only create the universe, they are the center of the universe and as such deserved to be worshipped, revered, and honored.

The way of the Goddess program is geared to assist women who desire to explore their divinity.

In modern ties fo a women to reclaim her divinity has to deprogram and reprogram at the cellular level in particular her creative center which is her Yoni fo every time she has sex with a man she retains the energy of the man for 5 to 7 years.

The Mahavidya Temple and Mahavidya Inner Health offers  that is geared to empower women.

The Mahavidya Inner Health Center
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Mother Center
Mahavidya Temple
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