Pineal Gland

While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision.
Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana can help to detox your pineal gland thus making it easier in connecting your link between the physical and spiritual worlds. The bija mantra sound frequency is not used  just to provide spiritual benefits, but also in psycho-physiological healing. Very powerful tool to detox the pineal gland and at the core level of the human system. It helps to reprogram the DNA inline with the Macrocosm frequency. The vibrations and frequencies of bija mantras has shown tremendous healing to many, and to yogis for 1000s of year.


By adding Sound frequency using you own voice to your daily life routine you could dramatically reduce their risk of a potentially illness and slow down your aging process. This I can guarantee.

The endocrine system is the gateway joining physical function with spiritual experience. The endocrine system glands consist of the pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and ovaries/testes.


“The Pineal Gland: Key to Opening the Third Eye
Spiritual traditions associate and activate pineal gland with the opening of the third eye of inner vision, insight, and wisdom. Scientific research is beginning to validate the relationship between the pineal gland and vision: comparative research into the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of the pineal gland and the retina across a wide range of animal species suggests that the two organs share evolutionary and developmental paths. Modern living fossils such as the tuatara have a photosensitive pineal eye with a rudimentary lens, cornea, and retina. Other species such as frogs and lampreys also have pineal eyes. In humans, pineal cells resemble retinal cells in composition and in the presence of proteins not found elsewhere in the body. Pineal light sensitivity is common across diverse species and in humans is connected with the opening of the third eye.


Melatonin and the Spirit Molecules
In terms of spiritual experience, melatonin quiets the body and mind, allowing access to higher consciousness. Both pinoline and DMT, secreted by a healthy, activated pineal gland, are psychoactive, causing changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior. Pinoline enables visions and dream states in the conscious mind and has been used by ancient Egyptians and Zoroastrians in their rituals. It assists in DNA replication and is said to resonate with the pulse of life at ~8 cycles per second.” Extract from
Now you can learn Online this unique yogi science of sound.

With Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana our main focus is the Chakras and major endocrine organs. Chakras interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the seven main Chakras are associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and also with a particular group of Nadis.


The glands responsible for creating Inner harmony are linked to the chakras as such it is not surprising that the positions of the Chakras, correspond to the positions of the glands in the endocrine system and have an effect on their functioning.


Chakras and the glands emphasises the holistic nature of health and the importance of inner yoga to maintain a balance in your emotional and mental activities at the same time not forgetting the importance of diet and physical exercise, as they are all deeply interrelated. Another important factor is SPOKEN WORDS, IT HAS THE POWER TO EITHER MAKE OR DESTROY YOU.


We start our daily Bija mantra practice by activating the Third eyes with the focus on the pituitary, pineal, and the hypothalamus. The gateway to the world of the Divine and through our body to the underworld. It is the centre of psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition and light.


The second point in the throat chakra with the gland in focus will be the thyroid. and according to the nadi system it is also connected to the reproductive organ. It is the center of speech, communication, creative expression. For this reason a few of the Mahavidya Goddesses are associated to this chakra.  I generally use Krim,, Aim and Hlrim for this chakra.


When it is activated you will have no problems expressing yourself in a creative way and when it is under-active, you tend to not speak as much and you probably are introverted and shy. Not speaking your truth will end up blocking the throat and second Chakra. When overactive, you tend to speak too much, domineer and keep people at a distance. You tend to be a bad listener.


The third point is the heart chakra and is associated with the Thymus.. The thymus is a specialized primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. Within the thymus, T cells mature. T cells are critical to the adaptive immune system, where the body adapts specifically to foreign invaders.


It is from the Heart Chakra that we express, compassion, community consciousness, spirituality, grace  and the physical level, blood circulation.  The expression of love comes from the heart chakra but the first impulse of Love comes from the Navel Chakra. When your the chakra is cover with cloud of emotion then you are cold and distant. Should the Chakra be overactive, you are suffocating people with your Love and your Love probably has quite selfish reasons.  In sounding the heart chakra we make place love, kindness, and affection.


The fourth is the adrenals gland which is the Solar Plexus. Though most consider it as one of the 7 main chakra, few of us are in the view that it is a minor chakra. Different hormones are produced in different zones of the cortex and medulla of the gland. Some of the symptoms associated to this gland are obesity, diabetes, increased blood pressure, excessive body hair (hirsutism), osteoporosis, depression, and most distinctively, stretch marks in the skin, caused by its progressive thinning


The fifth point is the Navel Chakra, the center of our subtle or spirit being.  Patanjali describes as “samyama on the navel.” This concentrated meditation on your midsection opens the door to a vital understanding of your body’s constituent parts and subtle-energy channels. Your manipura chakra is said to be the originating point of 72,000 nadis, making it a particularly potent region.

When we sound the Navel we focus on the pancreas, the reproductive organ especially on the ovaries, and the digestive fire.


The Navel chakra is also where your book of records reside, or is the storehouse of your Karmas, as such special focus is place on this point. Some consider the Muladhara Chakra is the storehouse of our Karmas, and are activated in Svadhishthana Chakra.


The 6th point is to sound just on the top of the pubic bone (sacrum) with the focus on Uterus, male prostate and testes. When this chakra is blocked it generates negative qualities which are to be overcome such as anger, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, desire and pride. Other base qualities that hinder our development are lethargy, fear, doubt, revenge, envy and greed.


The 7th point is for women, their Yoni. The most powerful womb empowerment Yogic Secret.

There are both holistic or Yogic method to find a holistic balance in life, Now you can either receive or learn an easy alternative which can guarantee you that all your Chakras and major endocrine organs will work in harmony. Receive session it may take 15 days or longer, 30 days is a safe length, but for those who are sick it may take longer, up to three months.


When learning Online it may take you longer as you will have first train your voice to do so. For more on the One-on-One life via Skype or Zoom CLICK HERE
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Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana and the Endocrine-System