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Should worship be offered without an active consciousness that the Divine is there in the form of the Mantra and pervades through the Mantra, it is useless. The Yantra is declared to be ensouled by Mantra and the deity is in the form of Mantra. Worshipped in the Yantra, She is indeed instantly pleased. And why is this form called yantra? Because it regulates, subdues, prevents, all misery arising from desire, anger and other failings. As the body is to the soul, as oil is to the lamp, the Yantra is the established seat of all the Deities. Therefore draw the Yantra, meditate upon Her auspicious form, know everything from the mouth of the Guru and worship according to rule. If worship be done without proper Yantra then it can only entail the curse of the Deity.

Each Deity is to be carefully installed in its own Yantra and worshipped with all its paraphernalia. Should you be absent-minded, call one Deity and worship another, you shall receive the curses of both. Each Deity is to be received with the honour that belongs” to it, with the Mantra that is proper to its order. The inner soul-force (antahsakti), shall be roused to its full potential and dedicated to the Deity through the several movements of the worship. It is only when all these requirements are learnt from the Guru and worship offered in accordance with the rule, that the Deity is pleased. The Puja must be full in its limbs and full in its duration.

Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana is done with Yantra and Meru as both outer and inner Meru, unlike any other Tantric Path.

We offer regular intensive both in India and Malaysia. In Malaysia we offer advance Sadhana which is for 30 days and india 15 days intensive. These Sadhana is offered by appointment choosing a mutually agreed dates,

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