Mahavidya Temple in Tamil nadu, south india


Why did we build the Mahavidya Temple?


 We are blessed to have installed Mother Kali to help us purify ourselves,  Mother Matangi to bless us with wisdom, and Mother Kamala to bless us with inner prosperity


Tantrika believes of the One Supreme God/Goddess or Para Brahman, presiding over everything, and at the same time admitting the existence of various deities, also called as Gods and Goddess. These deities are energy of Para Brahman, who is both female and male. Each of the deities deriving the power from the Supreme to take their part and act or preside over their spheres of domain.


The Supreme is far above the highest heavens of human reach, and at the same time, there are the cardinal deities. They are so many facets of the One Truth, the Supreme Brahman who has many powers and personalities and are different and distinct in their functions, and out of the supreme comes all the deities, and of these deities the most popularly ones in the highest heaven are the Maha Vidyas. Each Goddess of the Maha Vidya has a special and distinct function in the Universe, has a distinct field of activity and presides over a particular realm in the cosmic kingdom, and in the human body.


Each of the goddesses help humans in their spiritual progress, aid them in their uphill task of reaching the summit, the Supreme. The home where all humans have to return, and for which One takes many births, seeking to return home.


Tantra popularly known as Mantra Sastra, acclaimed as a great Sadhana Sastra, practical science. The mantra of the Goddess can be used for spirituality and material things as well, as these are the foundations on which the completely spiritual structure stands.


The creative word “Vak” of the Veda becomes the Nada, the Adya Spanda, the primal throb that develops in the course of its manifestation into the seed-sounds, Bijasaras. These find a place in the formulation of Mantras that emerge from the direst revelation and inspiration of the Tantric Seers. With the Maha Vidyas, the Bija sounds are the most important, and so as used in our work of Self Empowerment and healing as well. During our Masters travels in the west he has met many who claim to teach or practice Tantra, and yet do not practice the basic fundamentals of Tantra, the Mantra and have no clue of Yantras or Sacred Geometry.


The Sanskrit word vidya is from the root Vid, to know or to understand. Vidya means learning of knowledge denotes the way to understand the path of knowledge.


An extract from Dr David Frawley’s book Tantra Yoga and the wisdom goddess. “Tantra is associated with the worship of the Goddess, the feminine aspect of divinity, and this is one of its prime feature. Tantra provides a completely spiritual science for the worship of the Divine Mother, not merely a set of beliefs or dogmas but a practical way of developing our higher awareness through Her Wisdom and Her Grace. For those seeking to understand the religion of the Divine Mother, Hindu Tantra is perhaps the best key”.


For those wanting to understand the science of Love, Wisdom and Grace, Tantra Teacher Training , offers a unique opportunity for all men and women to experience the worship of the living Goddess, WOMAN and the Goddess within MAN.


At our center in India, our main ritual is Agni homa, to activate the fire that dwells at the base of the spine in the form of the Kundalini Sakthi, which has a fiery nature. Agni is placed in a kunda or alter on the ground, which inwardly is the earth center, or the base chakra.


Agni and Kundalini is also the essence of speech. The earth center is composed of the various bija mantras or root sound energy patterns. These bija mantras are depicted as the garland around the neck of the Goddess.


Unlike other temples in India our Temple is only for learning and meditation and not for prayer, keep to the tradition of the past.

Mahavidya Temple
1/244 Killankulam village,
Periayur Taluk, Madurai district, Tamil Nadu,  India 625703

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