Live One-on-One Tantra Teachings  via Skype or Zoom 

with the Father of (ParaTan) Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga,
founder of the Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu and Master of the Living Goddess Training.


A guru-disciple relationship provides supervised practice and ongoing mentoring, which can be difficult to arrange in an online relationship though it is One-On-One life via Skype, yet it is a great starting point for most. I am one of the few traditional Indian Tantra Teacher

The other factor is that you can chose to learn what appeals to you for the following list below.

The next online training begins on 20th September 2020


The School offers you course which are designed for you to use it at your own pace. It is a self-paced online course and resources to learn and practice the knowledge. Tantra Inner Sakthi Yoga is the basic philosophy based on the ancient knowledge systems shared with the world by Hindu Tantric Master Shri Param Eswaran

Shri Param Eswaran, Tantric Master, Inner Sakthi Yoga
  • VOICE TRAINING. First of all you have to understand that mantras has to be spoken and not sung. When mantras are spoken with the correct frequency you experience its effects immediately.
  • TANTRIC INNER SAKTHI YOGA – Learn the magic of reconnecting to your true self BY REMOVING THE CLOUDS OF EMOTIONAL MEMORIES. The cloud of memories makes it difficult for you to realize your full spiritual self.
  • The Sadhana that you will learn will open you to the living spirit and practice of Tantra, rather than just another academic view.
  • WOMB EMPOWERMENT – many of you will ask a simple question, what can a MAN know about the SACRED WOMB. As a Saktha (Goddess worshipper) I know the sound frequency that will remove the cellulare memories within the SACRED WOMB. This sounds have helped many women to experience the desired result.
  • MAITHUNA: is a Sacred Tantric way of connecting with your partner at the spirit level and enjoy a long lasting relationship. Ideal for both couples and singles.

The next online training begins on 20th September 2020


Ready to transform your life, (ParaTan) Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga can offer you multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of mantra, and meditative lovemaking that take you beyond the outer models of how Hinduism and Tantra is usually presented today.


Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga can best be defined as an energetic approach to the spiritual path, using various techniques including mantra, ritual, Pranayama, and meditation. It contains a devotional approach emphasizing the worship of the God/Goddess, devatas within. It contains a very powerful Sadhana, directing us to Self-realization and the realization of the Absolute. It is a simple approach to Saktha path of Tantra yet integral system for the development of consciousness which has something for all those who are seeking the truth.


The Online program is most suited to serious seekers who seek to explore the  meditational and mantric side of Tantra, which is the most common side of Tantra practiced in India. The Sadhana that you will learn will open you to the living spirit and practices of Tantra, rather than just another academic view.


One on One private session via Skype for 9 hours in 6 weeks; 1 hour 30 minute per week;

$ 432 per person.


For as little as US$48 per hour you have the opportunity to learn ways of using your own VOICE to EMPOWERMENT yourself and at the same time it can be used as a SELF-HEALING tool.


To join me live please send your fee via Transferwise or PayPal to email ID;  Transferwise is more economical for both the sender and receiver.


On sending your free please send us your date, time and place of birth so that we prepare your Vedic Horoscope.


All Traditional Tantra teachers as a starting point like to use Vedic Astrology to give them the understanding as to how the forces of Nature are influencing their  would be student.


The Vishvasara Tantra states as follows: “What is here is elsewhere; what is not here is nowhere”


The macrocosm has its Meru, or vertebral column, extending from top to bottom. There are fourteen regions descending from Satyaloka, the highest. These are the seven upper and the seven nether worlds.


THE MERU OF THE HUMAN BODY IS THE SPINAL COLUMN, and within it are the chakra, in which the worlds are said to dwell.

A good teacher will first like to know how the three Guna which are Nature’s Three Fundamental Forces are influencing in the students life.
Then there are 4 Varnas; Brahmin (the literate), Kshatriya(the warriors), Vaishya(the Traders), and Shudra(the unskilled) (The condition of the varnas can be altered by intense sadhana) This allow the teacher to understand each individual’s capacity for Sadhana. As the Gautamiya Tantra says, “The Tantra is for all men, of whatever caste, and for all women” (Sarvvavarnadhikaraschcha narinang yogya eva cha).


Along this two main factors a teacher will look at many more factors on designing a program most suited to the students need.


Of Course the main focus will be on what the student want to learn, and the above will be ans aid along the way.