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Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran

After an reawakening experience in Sri Lanka tsunami, she was in the middle of it all, the flood, on December 26 2004. Waking up late prevented her girlfriend and her to be at the beach, instead they went to the café having breakfast, which was hit, with the blessing of the Divine Mother; the flood dragged her into an open door of a house, which was closed minutes after my entering the house. “It is The Divine Mother and Shri Param who has been there for me, in the time of need, on the day of the even, not knowing what was happening he got my name inscribed on a Shri Chakra at Mother Kali’s Temple, I do not know if it was divine providence or what.”

Since the experience she became committed to worshiping the Mahavidya, and sharing the Sound of the Goddesses for 6 years in India and for the past 6 years in Malaysia.

In the last few years she has established the The Play Project Mahavidya  to serve the needs of differently able kids Her website 

Play Project Mahavidya offers Children with Special Needs a unique and remarkable Therapy Center. We are located at a very lovely part of Seremban, next to the Royal Sungei Ujong Club.

Our therapy playroom cum therapy rooms are adorable and dynamic, perfectly suited for child’s play. Our staffs and Sri Devanayagi provides dedicated, therapeutic services to children with all types of developmental delays

  • Sri Devanayagi and Yogeswari
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Yogeswari Parameswaran

She is indeed a dynamic personality since young. Very creative in living life. Now only 11 aspiring to be a youtuber.