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Mahavidyas (Great Wisdoms) or Dasha-Mahavidyas are a group of ten aspects of Adi ParaSakthi in Hinduism. The name Mahavidyas comes from the Sanskrit roots, with maha meaning ‘great’ and vidya meaning, ‘revelation, manifestation, knowledge, or wisdom. According to Yoni Tantra they are to be found within the human body and within the Yoni as well.

The Mahavidyas are mainly known among the Tantric  and are usually identified as:

Kali – Devourer of Time and the Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems. She is the Supreme Mother at the Our Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu . Our The Mahavidya Temple is dedicated to support The Living Goddess Tradition. The Living Goddess Tradition which is very much alive in India

Tara – The Goddess as Guide and Protector, or Who Saves. Who offers the ultimate knowledge which gives salvation.

Tripura Sundari (Shodashi) – The Goddess Who is “Beautiful in the Three Worlds” (Supreme Deity of Srikula systems); the “Tantric Parvati” or the “Moksha Mukta”. “Tri” means three, “Pura” means city, “Sundari” means beauty. The three cities are the three worlds, – the physical, astral and causal, or matter energy and thought corresponding with the three states of consciousness; waking dream and deep sleep. Which are symbolized with fire, moon and sun.

She is Divine love which is the central motivating force behind the universe and which is the original impulse within our own heart.

Bhuvaneshvari – Bhuvaneshvari can be worshiped with the single syllable Hrim.

She is space, creating space within our own consciousness to give birth to the divine nature within us.

She is the Divine Mother as the Queen of all Worlds. The entire Universe is said to be her body and all beings are ornaments of her infinite being. She carries all the worlds as a flowering of her own Self-nature

Bhairavi – Bairavi represents Divine anger and wrath which is directed toward the impurities within us and negative forces that may interfere with our spiritual growth. Supreme Goddess of speech

Chhinnamasta –Chhinnamasta has an extended mantra of fifteen syllables. It is based on her name as Vajra Vairochani, the effulgent lightning bolt of direct perception. Its prime seed syllable is Hrim.

She causes us to cut off our own heads (ego sacrifice). She represents the joy of transcending the body, not the pain of losing it. She represents the free flow of energy through the sushumna.

She protects the gateway to the creative force ot a woman by residing in the pubic hair.

Dhumavati – Dhumavati is whatever obstructs us in life. What obstructs us in one area can release a new potential to grow in a different direction. She is good fortune that comes through us in the form of misfortune. She is the grandmother spirit, the great teacher who bestows the ultimate lessons of birth and death that come through hard experience. Her mantra is essentially the same as her seed-syllable Dhum repeated.

Bagalamukhi – The prime mantra for Bagalamukhi the seed-syllable Hlrim. The addition of the la-sound to the mantra Hrim gives it the power to stop things. She represents the stunning radiance that comes forth from the Divine word and puts all human or egoistic word to rest. She gives the power of speech that leaves others silent and grasping for words. Indra Yoni, Heart chakra

Matangi – the Prime Minister of Lalita (in Srikula systems); the “Tantric Saraswati” Matangi is the Goddess of sound, the spoken word and of any outward articulation of our inner highest knowledge including all forms of art music and dance. She relates to all levels of speech

Kamala – The Lotus Goddess; the “Tantric Lakshmi” Kamala’s seed-syllable (bija mantra) is the same as that of Lakshmi, Shrim. Shrim is the great mantra of beauty, abundance, splendor, devotion, surrender, and refuge. Like Lakshmi She grants all the goals of life up to the highest liberation. Hence it is one of the most important, auspicious and generally useful of all bija-mantras.

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