30 days – Becoming a Living Goddess Program



You may not aspire to be a cover model, but you may still want to take a positive step toward living a longer, healthier life with Grace.



And that’s something everyone should want, as every women is born in the image of the Mother of Creation and are worthy of being worshiped. 


So, if you’ve been thinking about stepping into the journey of Serving Humanity by helping women empower their lives and become worthy of being worshiped again as a Living Goddess, but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve created the perfect plan for you!


The first step in achieving your goals is to make sure you know exactly what you want and be committed. You are ready to surrender to your Inner Divinity and allow it to be freely awaken.


The second step I recommend is creating a nutrition plan. Eating healthy is often the hardest part, but it’s by far the most important aspect of being  healthier so that you can fulfil your destiny.


Third, start preparing yourself by learn just to do bija mantras I share on my YouTube Channel. Join me as you listen to this video and chant along with me the sounds for at least one week for 30 minutes per day. You will experience energy movements within your body, remember that it will be much more powerful when your voice is trained to the right frequency, Your voice when trained can transform your life.  An easy way to training your voice will be to learn personally with me online via skype before deciding to join the program so that you are assured of success.

Bija Mantra video on YouTube 


My Channel  Here you will find many Videos on Tantra and the Living Goddess Tradition.


Tantric Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana is the starting point.



Bija Mantra are the very quintessence of Mantra, and the seed (Bija) of the fruit which is Siddhi (spiritual achievement). These are properly monosyllabic. Om is a Vaidik Bija, but it is the source of all the other Tantrik Bijas which represent particular Devata aspects of that which is presented as a whole in 0m. As a Mantra-Shastra, the Tantras have greatly elaborated the Bijas.


Though a Mantra such as a Bija-mantra may not convey its meaning on its face, the initiate knows that its meaning is the own form (Svarupa) of the particular Devata whose Mantra it is, and that the essence of the Bija is that which makes letters sound, and exists in all which we say or hear. Every Mantra is thus a particular sound form (Rupa) of the Brahman. There are a very large number of these short unetymological vocables or Bijas such as Hrim, Shrim, Krim, Hum, Hum, Phat called by various names. Thus the first is called the Maya Bija, the second Lakshmi or Kamala Bija, the third Kali Bija, the fourth Kurca Bija (head and fall under the ether group), the fifth Varma Bija (Shield, defensive armor), the sixth Astra Bija (is a fierce form of mantra that comprises in it seed words with a destructive frequency). Ram is Agni Bija, Em is Yoni Bija, Klim is Kama Bija, and Shrim is Kamala Bija, Aim Sarasvati or Matangi Bija and so forth. Each Devata has His or Her Bija. Thus Hrim is the Maya Bija, Krim the Kali Bija.


The Bija is used in the worship of the Devata whose Mantra it is. All these Bijas mentioned are in common use. There are a large number of others, some of which are formed with the first letters of the name of the Devata for whom they stand, such as Gam and Glaum for Ganesha, Dum for Durga.


30 DAYS INTENSIVE. The dates are to be arrange between you and Our Master, that is convenient to both.  The free structure US $4,320 and should you came as a group of 5 or more then the fee will be US$ 3240 per person.

Shri Param Eswaran  devoted his life supporting both men and women to reprogram both the brains and cellular memories. Awakening the LIVING GODDESS program’s focus is on women who want to free themselves of their past trauma and reclaim their true Divinity.  This program is very powerful for couples as well, for men who are inspired to create the space for their partner to discover self-love and heal the past, for the past experiences do not define who she is. Ideal for men who would like to worship their partner as a LIVING GODDESS.

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